Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Part of Reality

I've been reading P.Z. Myers book The Happy Atheist recently, and its well worth a read. It's amusing and enlightening in equal amounts. Theres a part of the book that goes on to explain how its difficult for Atheists to break the Father-Child bond that religion holds at its centre. A religion tainted world view is built upon loyalty and servitude to a 'Heavenly Father' figure and trying to pry that relationship open to question by reason and reality is no trivial task. Like say, debunking the myth of another Fatherly heavy relationship all children worship at Christmas time. This loss of a close and personal relationship (with a fictional Father) could be a big part of why the religious see Atheism as so bleak and devoid of hope.

For me, I spent very little time in the holy water of faith. So you think I wouldn't have been so affected by the ideas of religion. However, regardless of whether you actively take part in Religion, it is a global disease spreading absolute lies about human insecurities that everyone will identify with. So passively soaking up of religion is possible. Without comforting Faith to bury my fears into, I had to cover them up, shroud them in a veil of distraction and alcohol. For years I subdued my thought processes, hiding under a blanket of ignorance. Looking downwards and seeing no answers, feeling so acutely the despair, and only hearing faint whispers of hollow comfort from the religious majority.

When I finally came to lift the veil, turn my head upwards and look out into reality - the revelation wasn't about meaningless loss, or even staunch bravery against the gritty truth of a Heavenly Father-less existence. It was about inclusion. It was about being a part of it all. The whole story. From the big bang, birth of stars and our precious planet, through the meandering evolutionary climb of Mount Improbable towards Humanity where we stand today. We are part of it. All of us. Characters in the extraordinary narrative. We are a Part of Reality itself! This is our comfort. This is our purpose. To grow, to live, to learn, to experience, to share and then to die. We don't need a phantom Father, we have the whole Universe!

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