Monday, 25 August 2014

The Answers

Long, long ago, when I was a superstitious, semi-spiritual, wishful thinker - in spite of an intense overwhelming fear of death - I used to imagine how at least in death, I would know the answers to everything. My spirit would ascend, and I would enter a realm where the answers would be revealed to me.

So eventually, I would find out what the spiritual entity behind the whole thing had planned for me. The answers would be my reward. The ultimate revelation. This notion can transcend any denomination. This imaginative and creative thinking, can comfort you because you only have to wait for death and then the answers will be bestowed upon you.

I spent many years with this fanciful notion at the heart of my faith in "something".

After my dawning enlightenment, using reality as my guide, I noticed that instead of waiting and having to physically die for these fabled answers to be gifted to me, most of them had already been given to me whilst I was alive! If only I'd used my mental faculties to seek the actual information out!

For many years, my terrified and fearful consciousness had postponed rational thought on the matter, and had sidelined the main questions for presumed/imagined answers after death!

How wonderful it is to have *some* of those big questions answered truthfully by human scientific endeavour during my lifetime!

I know my place in the bigger scheme of things. I see where I've come from, and ultimately where I'm going. My purpose on this planet is clear to me. To live. Here. Now. A biological machine, a genetic vehicle, to be a part of the story of life on this planet.

Not only can science reveal these truths about my immediate status - it can open my conscious mind (itself a product of evolutionary survival and refinement) up to truths that span many many lifetimes, and millions upon millions of years.

I am no longer willing to defer this knowledge to the vacuum of my death. I am using my biology, and our history of scientific discovery, to find the answers when I am in a state to comprehend them.

Bathe luxuriously in these truths now.

The story is so big, and we are so little, these answers are so precious to us.

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