Thursday, 7 August 2014

Religious Phage

I've heard..

*Religion is Poison*, by Hitch

*Religion is a Delusion* by Dawkins

*Religion is an Iron Age Fairy Tale* by Harris

Recently-ish, the Dawkins inspired meme (memetic?) concept was fleshed out a little more to include the biological analogy that...

*Religion is a Virus* by Darrel Ray.

The God Virus

It's an interesting fit. One that is worth considering. As we move on, global concepts and ideas will proliferate, and this Globalisation will require a more detached objective view on geographically localised Religion. We need to make sure the thinkers of the future embrace the scientific reality of the world, and identify the cultures and delusional poisonous ancient fairy tales that still infect many people on this fragile planet.

For it truly is a Phage, a Devourer of reason and rationale. A vector for blatant ignorance and defiance of cumulative scientific discovery. If we are to embrace our period of enlightenment, we need to innoculate our newborn potential intelligences against this most destructive of viral diseases.

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