Friday, 25 July 2014


Enlightenment, is ALL about perspective.

Your current perspective is a true measure of your enlightenment.

Self - Family/Tribal - Country/Racial - World - Universe.

As you grow, your perspective changes, but it often takes many, many years for your view to take in anything larger than your own needs. As a growing infant your biology fuels your incessant needs (food, warmth, shelter, comfort and security). Your developing emotional self sitting firmly at the center of everything.

Taking on an identity, using your familial history, your racial or national pride, your Patriotism as a source of "branding" just who you are in the world.

These "brands" inspire intense emotion in people.

If your view is insular enough to hold only family as important, a tribal view I suppose, then you hold dear and precious the thoughts and actions of your closest relatives. Death pushes their deeds and thoughts beyond the veil and thus elevates them to a kind of Martyrdom.

Stepping up the scale, you enter the National arena. Here wars are fought. A more inclusive identity than familial, you are now comrades with all others who have the same country of residence (or race). You defend the territory, institutions and way of life with passionate gusto. Your pride is bolstered by what your country did in the past, whether good or bad.

Stepping up the scale further, you enter the realm of one world. You are Human. This is our place. The narrower perspectives before it, pale into insignificance and we should treasure each and every person, striving to get along, and end suffering, and live with what resources we have without ruining our only precious living habitat.

Finally we take the step into space and our place in the Universe.

In the cold expanse of space, we are all precious fragile beings, surfacing as brief moments of concious life, with the ability to use our science to peer out and experience the Universe and Time way beyond our usual planetary confines. We can NOW see our true place in whats out there and we are very, very insignificant in the grand scheme of things. What we have here is so special we should treasure every moment of this beautiful reality.

Perspective at this level, once acheived, promotes emotion about the protection of our very species and the delicate planet we have evolved on.

I believe THIS is the perspective of true enlightenment. And it is within reach of everyone's grasp. We have come so far, in such a short time, to survive we need every person on this planet to attain enlightenment, to elevate to this perspective. To see whats out there. The reality of it.

It is time to lift our heads out of the books of yesteryear and into space, to look down upon this blue haven and see just how precious it really is.

The view of all our futures.

If we do not reach this perspective, then we scrabble around in the drying dust, globally consuming, perpetually finding reasons to continue fighting each other for smaller and smaller patches of scarred Earth. Caring only for those that inhabit the lowest level of perspective we settle for.

Elevate your perspective now. 
Look towards Human enlightenment. 
No deity required.

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